Steenkamp and Spies Inc. is a boutique law firm specializing among other in personal injury litigation, which includes Road Accident Fund matters, PRASA matters, public liability as well as medical negligence matters and other various fields of law such as General Litigation and Costs. Although the firm is based in Pretoria, it can effortlessly assist client’s anywhere in Gauteng. Combining 30+ years’ experience in this arena of the law, the specialist attorneys have the necessary skill and experience to assist with the most complex matters and ensure a positive outcome for their clients. Specifically with regards to third party claims against the RAF, injured claimants need the assistance of attorneys who are on top of all the latest developments and changes to the industry, and require a team of attorneys who is able to quickly adapt to new changes to the system to ensure that the client’s matters get resolved swiftly without delay.

Steenkamp & Spies Inc. is furthermore very passionate about ensuring justice is done, and that claimants receive the compensation they are entitled to. We accordingly also investigate allegations of under settlement of claims by the RAF where claimants claimed directly with the RAF’s offices as well as through attorneys, as well as complaints of legal practitioners deducting excessive fees (“over reaching”). The firm prides itself, that only the very best medical experts, advocates and other service providers with a proven track record is employed to ensure the best possible outcome for the client. Claims are selected carefully and diligently. Litigation is carried out on a no win no fee basis. The effect of this is that no fees will be charged until finalization of the matter. All expenses and disbursements will be carried by the firm throughout the process, and the client will not be required to finance the very costly litigation up front. This aims to relief some of the claimant’s anxiety and stress levels which can be added to an already difficult time following a very traumatic event such as a motor vehicle collision. This aims at instilling confidence, seeing that the firm will only be liable to recover its fees/ disbursements once a client’s claim has been successfully finalized.

By choosing Steenkamp & Spies Inc. you get what you pay for! The firm do not work on a contingency fee basis (meaning that a percentage of up to 25% of the compensation received will be recovered as a fee). Our firm will not upon finalization deduct a percentage of the compensation, but would rather rendered a specified account and charge per item for all work actually performed!


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