LLB (Pret) / Dip. Advanced Labour Law
Roelien is a senior attorney with right of appearance in the High Court of South Africa. She holds a certificate in Advanced labour law. She is also an admitted Conveyancer and property law expert. She has been admitted and practicing as an attorney for 17 years, of which 15 years, has been for her own account as director and owner of her own very successful firm. Following her admission as an attorney her leadership qualities and management qualities were soon noticed and she became a director at the firm Jan Ehlers Attorneys shortly after being admitted. Thereafter she opened her own firm Spies & May Attorneys, of which she was the senior partner. Spies & May Attorneys thereafter amalgamated with Burmeister Lubbe Attorneys, to become Burmeister Lubbe & Spies Inc. Attorneys (“BLS”). In 2018 the name Burmeister Lubbe & Spies Inc. Attorneys, was changed to Steenkamp & Spies Inc. Her main fields of expertise include the full spectrum of commercial and property related legal matters including:
  • Conveyancing,
  • Contracts,
  • High Court and Magistrate Court litigation,
  • PRASA claims, claims against SAPS/ Minister of Police as well as medical negligence claims,
  • Insolvency law,
  • Labour law and
  • Debt collection.
Roelien has previous extensive experience as a Commissioner of the Small claims Court in Pretoria. Due to her immense and broad knowledge of the law in general, as well as nearly two decades of experience she has previously been approached to act as a Magistrate in the Pretoria Magistrate Court. Roelien doesn’t only offer an exceptional wide-ranging legal knowledge, skill and experience, she furthermore always approaches client’s matters in a practical and sensical business like fashion, applying the ethos, principles and values which she upholds and applies in her everyday business, which have to date brought her immense success. And success is what she always aims for, especially when it comes to her client’s matters. This systematic approach includes weighing up risks, financial implications, seeking alternatives, cost saving measures etc. with the core values always remaining sustainability, integrity, respect, fairness, transparency and accountability. Contact Roelien to assist in guiding you through your legal matter.


LLB (Pret) / Dip. Advanced Labour Law
Ruan Steenkamp, has been a qualified attorney for 16 years. He specializes in civil litigation with a particular passion for personal injury law. He has extensive experience in particularly Road Accident Fund litigation. As an attorney representing road accident victims, he boasts the legal knowledge, skill and experience gained by representing hundreds of clients for many years in achieving the best possible results in finalizing their claims against the RAF. In addition to his experience as a claimant’s attorney, he previously acted as a legal representative on behalf of the Road Accident Fund, defending claims lodged with the Road Accident Fund, and litigating against Plaintiffs for nearly 10 years. He has extensive knowledge of the workings of the RAF process and procedures his following his secondment to the RAF in 2009 as a Project Manager, assisting the Organization with developing internal litigation structures and training personnel on litigation and setting up internal litigation departments nationally. Ruan accordingly has a deep understanding of the RAF, not only the legal knowledge, but also knowledge of the inner workings of the RAF as an organization, processes and procedures which claims are governed by, which awareness and familiarity proofs very valuable to his clients. Besides Ruan’s passion for the litigation and the law in general as well as the joy he receives from assisting and improving the lives of his client’s, he is furthermore a very active member of the organized profession. His involvement in the profession includes, among other:
  • He has served as an executive Committee member of the Pretoria Attorneys Association (“PAA”) (2014 – 2019)
  • He has served as the chairperson of the Attorneys Association’s Sub Committee for Road Accident Fund matters (2014 – 2019)
  • He is serving as a Commissioner of the Small Claims Court at the Pretoria Magistrates’ Court since 2013.
  • He is serving as a member of the Disciplinary Committee of the Legal Practice Council (“LPC”).
  • He is an Active Member of the Association for Protection of Road Accident Victims (“APRAV”).
For any litigation, personal injury matter or labour issue, Ruan can assist, and you will be guaranteed to receive superior service!



Refilwe has 6 years of experience as a paralegal secretary. Obtained her senior paralegal diploma at the South African School of Paralegal Studies. Refilwe worked at Diale attorneys as a legal secretary from August 2015 until December 2019. She joined Steenkamp and Spies Inc as a PA to the Director ( paralegal) in January 2020.

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